Custom Wineracks

Custom Wine Racks are a result of Keith’s love for Wines and the environment created inside beautiful Wine Cellars. Bringing together two complimentary aspects of Keith’s Life….Wine and Creativity seemed a no brainer. By building creative Wine Racks in unique and unusual environments such as closets, storage rooms and basements turns unused space into an elegant and useful investment.
Keith uses indigenous woods from the areas of the client to rack locally fermented Wines, Top-rated Vintages, Personal favorites, or Homebrews that demand respect. Old Florida Cypress, Local Cedars, Water and Live Oak, Mahogany, Maple and numerous other local varieties of wood are a beautiful and cost effective way of creating a unique quality that will pay for itself many times over.

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"Master Craftsmanship" - Custom Wine Racks

"Paggetti's Hybrid Wines" - Custom Wine Racks

"Custom Winerack" - Custom Wine Racks

"Cypress Wine Racks" - Custom Wine Racks

"Custom Oak Winerack" - Custom Wine Racks

"Paggetti's Plum Wine" - Custom Wine Racks

Custom Wine Racks

Custom Wine Racks